Vector Art

Vector art is a well known type of digital illustration and today its uses are being increasing rapidly in print, online & offline computer graphics.

Vector graphics are computer graphicsimages that are defined in terms of 2D points, which are connected by lines and curves to form polygons and other shapes.Each of these points has a definite position on the x- and y-axis of the work plane and determines the direction of the path; further, each path may have various properties including values for stroke color, shape, curve, thickness, and fill.

Nowdays most of the printing companies need a vector image because of many reasons. One of the main reason is the ability to resize the image to any size without any loss of quality or distortion. Another reasons is use of vector files is low file size as compare to raster images. Vector files comesin .ai, .eps, .pdf, .svg etc. file formats.

Smooth lines and shapes produce the best quality printed materials, having a solid, consistent color and crisp, clear text. You can use your vector logo blown up huge on a billboard or made smaller for your pens and letterhead.

Vector graphics make a design project much easier and faster. If you have these files on hand, they can save your graphic designer a lot of time, which in turn will save you money, and produce a higher quality result.

That’s why in Elektra Graphics our professional and experienced artist convert your raster images into beautiful vector artwork using hand drawn method.

Give us an opportunity to work with you and you will be completely satisfied with our work.